A Stroll Through the Solar System

Designed with the most current NASA images.

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animal sketches

Life Sketches

Sketches from The Denver Zoo & The Denver Museum of Natural History. I devoted one full day from each week during an entire summer sketching animals, bones and exhibits.

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Dynamic Visualization

Concept for strange spherical device emerging from water

collective female character

Collective Character

From pre-vis to final model, this collaborative piece was was the work of three students, Lead Character Conceptor, Lead Modeler (myself), and a Rigger.

lion skull

Lion Skull

This skull was made to be a pristine 1:1 recreation of a lion skull. This un-textured model was the final assignment for a RMCAD course on animal anatomy.

The Garden

The Garden

A snippit of a scene I worked on for a small game

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mixed media experiment


Need to add 3D assets to a still image or video? No Problem

polar bear color effects


Opportunity is everywhere to compose fascinating shots!

Denver HDR


This photograph was a study in HDR to capture mood and ambience. By taking the serenity of night and the foreboding of the coming storm, the contrast between them creates an atmosphere of mystery.

tentacle rig


Rigs are the back bone of every great animation, and in a world where everything is automated, even the creation of rigs, it is good to have the fundamental knowledge and background of how to make rigs correctly. This is an example of just that, a rig created from scratch.

technical drawing

Technical Drawing

Designed to test my skill with the pencil. Created at RMCAD during an advanced drawing class.

maya effects

Bon Voyage

Thats the end!

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